About Me

Since you found your way here I like to tell you a little about my self.

I was born in Chicago, raised in North Bridgeport, until I was 8 years old.  Then my parents moved to Inner Western suburb of Chicago, Broadview then we moved to Antioch,  Illinois when I was 12 years old. There, I graduated from Antioch High School.  I married my Wife Lyn, and have two children, which we raised in Wheaton. My children graduated from Wheaton North High school.  Me and my family have lived in Wheaton since 1985, for over 30 years,  26 years owning a home at South Hazelton.

My interest in politics developed when I worked on the Peter Roskam Campaign in 2006 and helped him win against  his opponent at the time, Tammy Duckworth.  I have been a life long Republican and found I like working for and being part of campaigns for Good people.  Consequently, I worked for the  Roskam Campaign in 2008  as well as I worked the Michael Gresk Campaign and the Bob Larsen Campaign and the Kevin Willey Campaign and the  Chris Hage campaign in 2012.  I also ran for Wheaton City Council in 2009 for the west district and have been a Republican Committeemen for 6 years.

I have contributed time money and effort to the fundamental cause of Republican values of: less government,  less taxes, and transparency of government.  See the Republican Platform here  http://illinoisreview.typepad.com/Illinois%20Republican%20Party%20Platform.pdf   for a full statement of the cause I believe in.   As a Committeemen,  I want to bring your voice to the elected offices and remind them that you, the tax payer and voter is what this is all about. Thank you for reading this and you have a good day.  Any rate, I will add more in the next few days.  You can contact me at mail@milton32.com with questions.

Happy 2016

I like to wish you all in Milton 32 a happy new year.

I look forward contacting all of you and  asking for
your vote for Milton 32 Republican committeemen.

Thank you

Mark Kmiecik


New domain milton32.com


In order to  make it easy to find my web blog, I have taken out the domain and pointing milton32.com to this web blog.  I will begin to add information about my run for republican township  committeemen.  I want to bring your voice to the local  Republican elected offices about your concerns.  Rising Taxes, Accountability, Transparency and  Honesty in Local government in Wheaton/Milton township.  I look forward meeting you and discussing your concerns.

Mark Kmiecik